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Friday, March 25, 2016

Blogging from A to Z theme Reveal

A week from today all the fun begins at Blogging from A to Z.

This past Monday I was supposed to reveal my theme, but I did not quite get to it.  My theme this year will be Superheroes.

I will go through A to Z with 26 characters from superhero comics.  I will have 13 from the DC universe and 13 from Marvel.  I still plan on reverting back to my Home School Dad blog on May 1st so I will be simulposting all of them there.

To check out other themes for those taking the challenge click here.

See you on April 1st, it should be Super!


  1. Hmmm. I'm intrigued by the "Home School Dad" comment....Will be back to learn more. Good luck with the challenge! Gail at Making Life An Art

  2. One more blogger is doing this theme super heroes. He already selected his names. You have not yet listed. But I think they likely to be different. Even if same, the writeups will be different. Readers will get more details.
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