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Monday, April 18, 2016

O is for Oracle

O is for Oracle

Barbara Gordon
Formerly Known as Batgirl 

First appearance: Detective Comics #359 January 1967
As Oracle Suicide Squad #23 1989

Team Afiliations as Oracle
Suicide Squad, Birds of Prey, Justice League

Barbara Gordon was added tot he television and comic book continuity of batman at the same time.  The daughter of Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon, The Librarian/Crimefighter was acultural pgenomenon in screen and in print.  The batgirl character was done away with almost literally in Batman: The Killing Joke as the Joker savagely shot her severing her spinal cord and leaving her a paraplegic. 

Barbara Gordin raised herself from the rubble and became Oracle and put her librarian skills to good use becoming a hacker/researcher for crimefighters.  She has longstanding partnerships with Batman, Black Canary as part of Birds of Prey, The Suicides Squad and the Justice league.  Oracle is a power and intelligence broker and a symbol that heroes come in all shapes, sizes and situations.  

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