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Friday, April 22, 2016

S is for Spiderman

S is for Spiderman

Spider Man
Peter Parker
Amazing Fantasy # 15 (August 1962)

Team Affiliations: Avengers

If you ask me about my selection of my S Super hero and say?

What?!!?? No Superman!!!???!!!???

I would answer a question with a question and say

What?!!?? Are You Kidding!!!???!!!???

And match you puntuation for punctuation.

A teenage superhero who is responsible in part for the loss of the only father he really ever knew.  

How awesome is that.  Actually it's more than awesome,  It's Spectacular.  It's Amazing.

Spider man  for me is the perfect combination of super powers and humanity.  I love the supporting cast, the villains and the tone.  

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